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Personal Statement Help from Qualified Writers

Personal statement essays are the most important constituents of the university application procedure. Based on the applicant’s documentation, the admissions committee gets an impression of how promising a candidate is. We are happy to help you stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of admission to your chosen university. Apply for the best personal statement help now!

What You Need to Know About Personal Statement Papers

When enrolling in a university, business school or other educational institutions require writing a personal statement. This is a small work in which a prospective student should showcase their personality and aspirations to the best of their ability.

Through an essay, educational institutions discover the motivation of each candidate to study and understand how getting a diploma can affect their future career.

Essays are written on a given topic. It, as a rule, concerns the vital values ​​and career plans of the entrants. Here are some personal statement topics:

  • What is the most valuable thing in life for you?
  • Why do you want to study at our school?
  • How do you intend to develop professionally after graduation?

Why is it Challenging to Produce a Quality Essay?

Writing a quality personal statement essay is no easy task for those students who do not have extensive experience when it comes to writing.

A successful paper gives a candidate a chance to stand out among the entrants. Even if a person did not score a very high score in one of the main exams (GMAT), a good essay could make all the difference. Alternatively, if a paper is not good enough, a person might end up getting a rejection from a chosen school.

The recipe for a good paper is to add something special, which will allow you to intrigue members of the admission committee and make them want to get acquainted personally with you. To achieve this in the most efficient manner, you can hire our personal statement writing service.

How to Write a Good Personal Statement

  1. Your paper needs to be tailored to a specific university. This means that you should not produce a generic essay, which would do OK for any school. Your writing should show the admission committee why you dream to study at their university only.
  2. Do not make the introduction boring and long. The admission committee reviews hundreds of identical works per day, so if your introduction is too lengthy and boring, you risk losing their attention.
  3. Do not try to tell too much. An application paper is not a book or a thesis, so it's better to focus on one topic and reinforce it with good versatile arguments.
  4. Your essay should not be impersonal. This type of work should have your unique handwriting, style, and ideas; it should stand out among hundreds of the same papers and tell a lot of interesting things about you.

Our Team of Expert Writers

Our experts are graduates of TOP universities from the UK and the USA who specialize in various scholarly fields.

Personal Statement Writers

Types of Essays You Can Order From Us

Our professional writers can help with writing your personal statement, which will be specifically tailored to your chosen major. Here are some selected majors we can write an application essay for:

  • MBA
  • Nursing
  • Psychology
  • Engineering
  • Finance/Accounting

Personal Statement Structure

Determine which sections (paragraphs) will be included in your paper and how these sections will be linked; do not forget to write an introduction and conclusion.

Below we give some simple structure for masters and bachelors:

  • Introduction.
  • Career objectives for admission to the course;
  • Career plan: how the goals described above will be achieved;
  • Which of the qualities, skills, and knowledge necessary for the described career plan do you have and which do you need to develop?
  • How the course you are applying to will help you develop the relevant qualities; skills and knowledge and achieve the career goals outlined above;
  • How can you benefit the university and fellow students;
  • Conclusion.

If you are not confident enough when it comes to writing an essay, it may be more convenient for you to have our writers produce it for you instead of googling someone to help me write my personal statement and coming across some fishy companies.

Why You Need Professional Academic Aid

Perhaps you have chosen a course that does not coincide with the previous education; you do not have specific work experience, or just missed a few points on the GMAT. Such an essay will help shift the emphasis to your strengths but only if it is written by professionals. That's why we encourage you to get our help writing personal statement in the UK.

How it Works

  1. Sign up and create an account (2 min. tops);
  2. Browse our top writers and choose the one that speaks to you;
  3. Provide a chosen writer with all the necessary information and requirements. If needed, they can also edit your paper;
  4. Top up your account and hire a chosen writer;
  5. Wait for the paper to be finished and collect it from the writer.

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Confidentiality is what matters the most when it comes to university admission. We understand that and thus never disclose personal data to third parties when rendering personal statement help online.

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If you want the writer to make some additional revisions to your paper, you can get as many of those as you wish to.

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How We Control and Deliver Quality of Our Writing

In most cases, it takes about 2-5 days to produce a successful essay. However, our writers will do their best to deliver your piece as soon as possible while ensuring its quality to the best of their ability. In addition, we offer mba essay writing services.


What is turnaround time for someone to write my personal statement essay?

On the whole, you will need to give 2-4 days to our professional writers so that they can come up with a personal statement that would shine. However, there is a chance that they will deliver on the task much faster while preserving the topnotch quality.

Who will write my personal statement for me and how can I give specific instructions to him?

You will get to choose among TOP UK writers most of whom are Ph.Ds. If you need to provide certain instructions to them, you can do so directly via chat.

What is your customer satisfaction policy?

We strive to deliver the best personal statement help as possible to our clients, as we understand the importance of them being admitted to a university. Therefore, we are always willing to make exceptions and do our work to the best of our ability.

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