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Best Essay Editing Service in the UK

A great proofread is responsible for 90% of an essay’s success. It’s not enough to put your thoughts down on paper, it’s also crucial to organize them properly and make sure the main idea is expressed correctly. That’s exactly what our editors are doing - making sure your essay is in the best possible shape.

Pick an Expert in your Field of Study

Meet our awesome online team of A-grade essay editors in the UK that are ready to take on your assignments. Just select experts who work in your field and contact them directly. Perhaps you’d love to discuss the assignment details or know your assistant better. It’s just one click away.

Why Proofread Matters

Great writing is important but it’s not nearly enough. The real challenge starts when you need to edit everything. Spotting your own mistakes is always tough because let’s face it, you love your piece, with all its errors and problems.

Even professional writers cannot always deal with a particular issue and hire an editor instead. That’s a logical move, not only because the quality of paper is much better for it, but also because it saves loads of time. If professional writers go to qualified proofreaders all the time, you can surely use an essay editing service for papers, essays, and written assignment. Focus on studying and writing, not correcting styles and finding embarrassing typos.

Get a Professional Essay Editor to Do all the Boring Work for You

Let’s face it, proofreading is not fun. At least not for the majority of people. When you check your own texts, it’s easy to miss critical errors or leave unclear expressions. Our revisers, on the other hand, belong to the rare group of those who love doing proofreads. They have extensive experience in providing essay editing help in literature, maths, law, and many other fields.

How Do We Form Editorial Team

Before we accept an editing team member to our essay proofreading service, we make sure each candidate passes tests that prove a high level of written English expertise. After the test is completed successfully, we request proofreaders to perform a practical task - editing a paper, an essay, a project. If the editor passed the exams, we schedule an interview where editors-to-be describe their previous experience, areas of expertise, and academic skills.

How to Place an Order

  • Fill in the short form with assignment details, topic, academic field, and deadlines, of course.
  • Go to our list of available proofreaders and pick one (or several). If you can’t choose right away, contact each of them and select the one you liked the best.
  • The editor starts working on your assignment the moment you paid a small deposit for the order. Be in touch with a writer if you’d like to change something on the go.
  • Enjoy the result. If something still needs to be corrected, contact your writer again. Don’t worry, you only pay for the perfect work.

Main Reasons to Choose UK Essay

More than other academic websites, we work transparently and clearly. From the moment you fill in the form with the assignment details, you have the entire power over the process. You can write an editor directly, request changes and suggest edits, send new drafts. Sometimes things change at the last minute, we get it. Whatever happens, we got your back.

UK Essays’ team makes sure students get their assignments performed on time (yeah, we handle even the most urgent task in time). You can also choose the best prices available for money, and on top of that, benefit from regular discounts.

Flexible and responsive

Studying might be stressful but editing papers doesn’t have to be. We want you to be sure that all your requirements are fully met (it’s even possible to sign an agreement if you’d like us to). If you have any questions, our Support is available 24/7, ready to handle any of your concerns.

Experienced expertise

Our editors are not only great writers but also amazing specialists in their own particular fields. For you, it means that all the editors you are proposed to choose from, are already remarkable experts in their domains. You get not only writing help but the full-motion academic assistance (if there is, let’s say, a calculation mistake, our editors will spot in in a second).

Academic background

On top of great written English skills and significant expertise in their particular field, our proofreaders are well-versed on academic requirements and specifics. Most of our team members of the professional essay editing service have spent a lot of time working as professors, assistants, research assistants in universities and scientific labs.

Answers to Most Frequently Asked Questions

Are your editors native speakers?

Yes, of course. Moreover, they have proven their English skills with a multi-step check which includes a test that checks the level of grammar and vocabulary proficiency. On top of that, they also perform a bunch of practical assignments before taking the first real order. From our experience, to pass the test, editors already need to possess significant experience in writing and editing scientific texts.

How do I know your writers fully fix my essay with no mistakes left?

Our editors have a peer-to-peer review system in place. After one has completed the project, another editor will take a look at it and approve the end result - that’s how our college essay editing service works. Such system of collective proofreading allows us to make sure nothing—not a single bit of punctuation—gets missed. Basically, instead of getting just one editor working on your assignment, it’s the whole team. Oh, and also there is an obligatory automated check that makes sure all the work is unique and grammar-correct.

Can I get PhD editors to edit my essay?

Yes, you can. If you need high-profile PhD editors for your assignment, you just specify that in the requirements for the project. After that, you’ll be directed right to a list of the Ph.D. team members so you can choose the one you like best.

How do I specify my requirements directly to editors?

The moment you filled out the assignment form, you are free to communicate with editors. Next moment you select the one you want to work on your project, you are free to message him or her with any kind of additional or specific requirements. If you want to repeatedly make sure editor got all the messages, contact the Support, and we’ll get everything to your editor.

Is it unique? If you find plagiarism, will you edit my writing?

The moment you sent us your text for editing, we check it closely to make sure it’s plagiarism free. We make the edits and send the corrected version to you. If you feel like you’d like to add or remove something, or perhaps change style a little bit, you are free to suggest any improvements. Our revisers will work on the project until you absolutely like it. Remember, you pay only for 100% satisfactory result.

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Find professional editor to make your text the best version of itself. Just fill in the assignment form and contact your assistant.

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