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Writing an Efficient “to What Extent” Essay: Top Tips for Students

15 Nov 2018

A “to what extent” essay is mostly associated with panic and pressure caused by the settings it is usually written in. This is one of the most common papers professors assign to students during their exams. The situation must be familiar to anyone: you are already freaked out going up for it and here comes a disaster. You have a limited amount of time, a lack of capacity to make a full-fledged research, and your mind simply becomes blank. Despite the fact that this task can stress anyone out, it is still a good chance to make your exam grade higher. In this guide, we will discuss some key recommendations you should consider when writing and structuring your next paper.

What to include in your work?

First, let’s briefly discuss a “to what extent” meaning. Essay of that kind is about providing a judgement about a certain question or idea. However, this judgement should be supported by your analytical insight as well as extra background information you have read on the topic before. For instance, you are passing an exam in psychology and have the following question to answer: “To what extent conscious impacts dreams?” To make your response strong and solid, you need to include the following points:

  • Why do you agree that conscious influences dreams?
  • How does conscious influence dreams?
  • In which way conscious doesn’t influence dreams?
  • Analysis of specific aspects of conscious/dream interaction
  • Evidence from the reliable sources
  • Your conclusions about the extent to which dreams are dependent on conscious

Remember, this paper is not about your personal assumptions but rather an analysis supported by relevant ideas and strong points. Make sure that you understand the topic entirely and can demonstrate a deep knowledge of a theme. Your professor expects that you will show an ability to draw connections and conclusions between different arguments and observe a theme from various angles. Your points should be linked to one another as well as to a broad context, which is a basic material of your research. In a word, make sure that you include enough arguments, tie them to one another in a logical manner, and keep up with the general knowledge you have gained from the suitable resources.

Writing a “to what extent” essay: structure

Like all essays, this one also has a traditional structure. Still, there are some details you need to know before you start writing one. Let’s discuss them.

  • Introduction paragraph

How to start a “to what extent” essay? Of course, you should start with composing an introduction. In this part of your writing, you have to present the topic and provide a short evaluation of the argument you will reveal next. Add a definition of the main concepts if you are not sure that your audience knows what they mean. In most cases, here you should confirm that you agree with the question point. Briefly describe your key argument and write a couple of words about the other positions about the topic since they are important to give your reader a full picture of an issue. Also, make sure that you briefly state your main position in a thesis statement which is written at the end of the first paragraph.

  • Body paragraphs

How to answer “to what extent” questions? In general, you will need 3-4 paragraphs to cover the topic. Your first paragraph is composed to prove that the point made in the initial question is valid. Why is it so? How does this happen?

Next, you should focus on the extent as such. There is always a degree to which the questions are true. Your task is to show where this boarder actually lies. For instance, when you discuss a dream and conscious question, you will unavoidably come to the point where another side of the argument steps on the stage. You may start with explaining how conscious influences dreams but this point cannot be 100% true, so you will move to the other aspects that might not agree with the previous statement. At the same time, this way you will provide a full explanation of the question as it is. In most cases, your ideas will flow naturally when you twist from a positive point to a negative one.

  • Conclusion

In your last paragraph you will need to restate the central points you have made in your paper, both positive and negative. Discuss the extent to which the main point is true and draw some points that argue against it. Don’t include any new facts in the last paragraph and avoid writing quotations here. Make sure that you just shortly summarize the key arguments about two sides of the question and express which one seems to be stronger.

As you can see, there are some crucial elements of the extent-essay that make it different from all other types of academic papers. Be attentive to your main question and make sure that you provide the audience with a complete argumentation on both sides of the issue. When you describe and analyze various points of view, it becomes easier to grasp the extent to which every point is true or not. So keep these recommendations in mind and good luck with your exams! If you need professional help, you can buy assignment online.

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