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How to Write a Personal Statement For College

16 Nov 2018

A college requires lots of things including transcripts, test scores, assignments and a personal statement for college. The last one is crucial and can be in the various forms. It is important for you as a student to learn to write a convincing essay during admissions.

Nowadays, having top grades and scores is not enough, you need to persuade the university authorities as to why they should choose you over others. If you are having problems with writing one, this is your one-stop solution to all your issues.

What is a Personal Statement for College?

It is an essay that acts as a gateway to the college. Since there are no math problems to solve or solutions to science problems, it is difficult to say what is right or what is wrong.

You need to know what goes well and where to write in the structure along with common things to avoid. But it all depends on the educational institution and the student. In order to persuade the college authorities, it is crucial to not fill the personal statements with lies. You need to make it believable and compelling.

How to Write a Personal Statement

How to Write a Good Personal Statement For College?

It is advisable to create a draft first, make changes, and write the final essay. Here comes the main problem for all you students out there. Students frequently ask “What to include in a personal statement?” According to the head of sixth form, you must include the following:

Personality acuity

You definitely need to add some personality-insight to the personal statement. Make sure you add a few sentences about your interests. Additionally, how are you going to contribute to the college is a crucial point to be written.

You might want to use words like:

  • Calm,
  • Decisive,
  • Inquisitive,
  • Creative,
  • Enthusiastic,
  • Confident.

Do not overcrowd the letter with too many personality related words but enough to let the college know that you are willing to do things.

Writing expertise

You need to showcase your subject competence and writing skills. Every college requires several assignments to be written and they carry a lot of marks. Any grammatical mistakes or plagiarism will not be accepted in the paper. If such things are found, your application would be dismissed immediately.

Extraordinary circumstances

If you faced certain moments in your life due to which you had to drop out of school or could not give exams, you should define those moments properly and explain briefly. The reason your grades are low in one exam or the reason your attendance is low. It would give the authorities an impression that you are willing to struggle through the darkest moments of your life towards success.

Reasons for applying

Finally, you must enumerate the reasons for applying for this particular college. These reasons would be a mirror image of enthusiasm contained within you. Additionally, what is special in that particular education institution that got you intrigued should be added to an essay.

Personal Statement Structure

Some colleges lay down rules which are compulsory to be followed. Let us have a quick look at how the outline of your personal statement for university should look like:

  • Paragraphs

One huge block of writing will ward off the tutor admission from reading the significant details included in your paper. Try to have a few paragraphs based on certain parts. Take, for example, one paragraph about your background and another about your academic. Make sure you do not make extremely small paragraphs like one or two lines.

  •  Beginning and ending

Although you do not add vital information in these parts, give the admission a personal impression of your writing. You need to put forward a clear start without any quote from a famous person. To end, add a few lines from the actual text stating your reasons for seeking admission and that you will be grateful to do so.

  • ABC Technique

Experts believe that this effective method has worked wonders for many students. ABC refers to an action, benefit, and course. When you are talking about any action like “you got high grades” or “you are creative,” you need to explain briefly about benefits and relation to the course you selected. A model of this technique is creativity which is required to use certain ideas in different ways and implement them for home assignments or other activities.

  • Length

Your personal statement has to be 4000 characters long. The college admission tutors have to go through numerous papers. Therefore, you have to write everything about yourself in 47 lines and keep it short. Do not exceed the limit otherwise, they would not even consider reading your essay. Make yourself stand out within those 47 lines and choose your words wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the colleges include certain questions that you must respond to in your personal statement. It definitely makes your task easier, and there are variations of answers. We are going to talk about the most commonly asked prompts and the kind of answer that get selected:

Background and Identity

Many colleges would ask for an insight into your past, a meaningful event in your life, your ways of expressing creativity, and your talents. In such questions, make sure you do not explain the whole situation in detail because you won’t have enough words for others. Stick to the point and explain in 3-4 lines why it is important or meaningful to you. You may add extracurricular features like dance, sports or drama.

Hypothetical situation

This is a common trick used during college admissions and job interviews too. They would lay out a hypothetical situation, and you have to explain your way to handle it. In such questions, they just want to know how you deal with difficult situations and whether or not you stay with the truth or not.

Ideology and Beliefs

Nowadays, students are coming from other countries. The world is becoming more and more diverse. Thus, those students getting admitted into their university must get the hang of it. They must accept other ideologies, not pass any racist or sexist comment, be friendly with students from other countries or communities. Holding onto particular ideologies might not work so, please do not write anything that shows strong beliefs and ideologies from your side.

That is the basic design that you must follow while writing out your great personal statement. It is important to stay within the length and avoid any kind of grammatical mistakes. Also, make sure you never beat around the bush and come straight to the point. Thousands of students who are equally good and talented as you, are applying for a university that you want. What will make them select your candidacy depends on your personal statement. So, create your way for a great future using just 4000 characters.

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