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How to Write a Critical Analysis Essay for It to Look Appealing

21 Nov 2018

While doing your university degree, you will be required to write a lot of different types of essays. Critical analysis essays are the most common ones. To convey the main ideas of the books or readings, it is not enough to merely read them. You must employ your analytical thinking and critical writing skills to present your ideas in a logical way to bring the readers to a certain opinion.

What Is a Critical Analysis Essay? This type of assignment is a critical evaluation of a certain argument, historical event, book, or opinion. Any social, political, economic issue can serve as a ground for your essay. This evaluation helps to understand things better through a discussion and assessment. Critical analysis essays allow expressing your personal opinion and reaction to a particular phenomenon or observation. However, to write a successful critical analysis essay, you need to know how to do a critical analysis and what are the facts that would make your opinion strong and persuasive.

How to Write a Critical Analysis Essay

What is Critical Writing?

To write a winning assignment, you must learn how to critically analyze an event or argument from different perspectives. This will include considering evidence and making reasonable conclusions on its basis. If you intend to convey your understanding of a certain thing in your essay, you should follow critical analysis structure. Otherwise, you risk getting lost in your own thoughts and contradicting ideas. Another most common mistake of many writers is to use only one source to support their critical argument. Get as much reliable evidence as possible and then use it to support your point.

How to Start Writing a Critical Analysis Essay?

The first step to take when writing your winning critical analysis essay is to analyze why you find this subject interesting. The points you feel you need to discuss in your article are the ideas that require evidence and evaluation. When you have decided what you want to study, you need to write a catchy introduction. This is one of the most important parts of your essay even if its importance is often underestimated. The first impression of your text is formed based on the introduction. Therefore, spear enough time to write a paragraph that would attack readers to have a look at your argument.

What Are the Further Steps to Writing an Excellent Critical Analysis Essay?

In order to write a killer assignment, you need to know a few helpful tips. First, you need to assess your available critical reading to define the background of your discussion. To know more about the subject, you may refer to various reports, summaries, and commentaries that could provide you with a more or less comprehensive understanding of the subject. Also, you need to pick relevant literature as well as texts and examples from reliable sources that would serve as the evidence for your opinion. In order not to lose all these ideas, make some notes along the way.

Second, it is a good idea to make an outline where you should convey the points you find most interesting to discuss. This will serve as the main structure of your essay. It must include the introduction discussed above, where you try to win the readers engagement. You can make several body paragraphs where you will try to group your ideas for them not to look confusing or ambiguous. This is the part where you should use all the means and methods to prove your understanding of the subject. If you feel that certain points are difficult to comprehend, include a brief interpretation of them. The body of the text is the part where you present your main ideas and support them with evidence. Try to remain focused on the main argument even if you tried to consider it from different perspectives. Use your outline to help you stick to the main point.

How to Conclude a Critical Analysis Essay?

While writing your essay close to conclusion, try to focus on the things that interested you most and the things you found solid evidence to. That is why in order to successfully conclude your essay, concentrate on the message you intend to send to the readers of your essay. Your opinion and your understanding should be at the core of the concluding section. Specify what is your opinion regarding the issue in question if you analyzed it from several perspectives. Inform the readers what they should pay attention to while forming their own opinion. Invite them to research the issue on their own if they did not find your argument and evidence complete.


When the main part is completed, write a conclusion to your paper. A conclusion is a summary of the main ideas rather than a discussion of what was already mentioned. Please remember that every essay needs a conclusion as a definition of your thoughts regarding the issue. Use the master’s level of your critical writing skills to engage the readers in a further discussion on the subject. Remember that your conclusion serves as an explanatory review of the main points you made in the assignment. However, it normally accounts to only 10-15% of the entire text. Therefore, be concise but precise.

How to Proofread Your Essay?

When the work is completed, and the paper is written, you need to proofread your paper. It is a good idea to let it wait one or two hours. Then, you will see your mistakes clearer. If the time is limited, you should check every sentence to avoid any grammar mistakes as well as read the entire text to analyze whether it flows or not. It may be helpful to ask your friend to read your paper and suggest further improvements. Ask him or her to tell what ideas they have about the topic in question. Your essay style should be easy-to-follow and comprehensive even for dummies.

How to Format a Critical Analysis Essay?

No matter how good your essay is, any literary source that is not referenced properly may put it at risk of getting a lower grade. Also, referring to relevant sources proves your deep engagement in the topic and substantial work on the paper. Poor or unreliable references will not contribute to overall impression you try to make with your essay. That is why referencing is very important. There is a growing supply of the websites creating references automatically, but writers suggest using verified sources as a guide to formatting your in-text references according to one of the following styles: APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, and Harvard. Moreover, these citation styles also specify the standards of formatting in relation to the title page, margins, font size, and spacing. Following these simple rules will help you come up with a neat paper or you can buy essay now!

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